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This unique selection of men's essential grooming products is designed to indulge and invigorate your skin whilst thoroughly refreshing and revitalising the complexion.

This gift box is perfect for providing that little bit of extra care to help you fight the effects of a busy lifestyle, late nights and urban pollution. It's a gift box that is bursting with innovative products that are designed to nourish, soothe and hydrate the skin.


Packed with plenty of products the gift box leaves you spoilt for choice. Mix and match the products to find your perfect skincare regime. Cleanse the skin with either Fresh Wash, Fresh Shave or Body Wash to wake up the skin and leave it feeling fresh and clean. The New Skin Scrub refines the texture of the skin leaving feeling softer and smoother. Use the Energy Rub to soothe an aching body leaving it feeling toned and full of vitality or the Quick Fix serum which offers some quick relief from shaving rashes, nicks and blemishes. Restore vitality and aching eyes with the Vital Eye Gel, whilst the Age Combat lotion is perfect to combat skin ageing and fatigue.


Gift Box contains:

1 x MONUSKIN For Men Fresh Wash 180ml
1 x MONUSKIN For Men Fresh Shave 180ml
1 x MONUSKIN For Men Body Wash 30ml
1 x MONUSKIN For Men New Skin Scrub 180ml
1 x MONUSKIN For Men Energy Rub 30ml
1 x MONUSKIN For Men Quick Fix 15ml
1 x MONUSKIN For Men Vital Eye Gel 15ml
1 x MONUSKIN For Men Age Combat 50ml

Men's Everyday Essentials

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