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CR Hair Solutions

CR Hair solutions is a new project that Copper Rose Hair & Beauty have launched, to bring solutions to an area of hair styling that we want to support, one that is far more common than people realise ...
Hair loss and/or difficulties growing natural hair!

As experienced hair stylists, Keeley and her team realised how many clients were struggling with problems like male pattern baldness, alopecia, stress or illness related hair loss - particularly linked to COVID right now, trichotillomania (hair pulling) as well as just the general fact that not everyone is destined to have long thick healthy hair. 

It was also becoming increasingly apparent just how damaging this was to peoples mental health and self esteem!

Copper Rose are committed to continuously evolving to provide the most up to date advice and services!!
We don’t just come to work, do our job and leave .. we care about our clients beyond styling their hair .. we are passionate about our chosen vocation and we strive to evolve as much as we can!

We have regular training days to improve our knowledge and services, and are now ready to share what we have been working on behind the scene with our clients via CR Hair solutions!


Exciting news...... we will have a shiny new Hair Clinic in 2023. We will be able to provide a private area for all our hair solutions clients!!

Check out our new website for CR Hair Solutions!


Why not take the step today to find a solution to your hair problems and allow the team at CR Hair Solutions to help you! 

Book a FREE No Obligation Consultation.

Contact can be made via a phone call  on 01484 767270 or send a private message through our page. 

(We do not allow bookings for this service on our online booking system due to it's sensitive nature we ensure a private appointment)

We look forward to hearing from you! 

CR Hair Solutions- Hair Loss
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